letter to the editor

Trump is an unabashed capitalist

Mon, 12/02/2019 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

Yes, Trump has always embodied capitalism, and now directly in the face of today’s Modern Democrats, who have become little more than full blown marxists, and that is why we are in the midst of our little cultural war. Incidentally, let us not forget that marxists such as Mao and Stalin are on record for being the most murderous economic ‘philosophers’ in the history of the world — more so than today’s Islamic supremacists, and even more so than Hitler’s Nazis ever were.

And yes, Trump is daily trashed as being ‘dishonest’ by the media, even though he has always tried to keep his campaign promises, something that covertly marxist Democrats of old have never done for the inner cities all across America, not for a minute, and not for decades. African-Americans really need to ask themselves : why has LBJ’s decades-old Great Society ‘dream’ never happened for them, not ever, not in the least, in their inner cities? 

Thank God for Donald Trump, and his way of honestly trying mightily to keep his unabashed capitalistic campaign promises alive in America today.

Phil Molvar