letter to the editor

Traveling the sea of life to make harbors of peace

Posted:  Monday, April 15, 2019 - 4:45pm

Dear Editor:

In Maine it is common for many friends and fellow travelers of life to have made it to the harbor of peace. On a coastline of 5,000 miles that weaves in and out of harbors, there is a large population of people who spend time sharing and teaching the younger members of Maine to keep our state full of life in the ocean and on land.

We often lose the younger citizens to other states for university education, but we wait with a hope filled heart for their return to raise their children. One other loss of voting citizens occurs when a mom and dad couple lose a partner and the cost of living in beautiful and peaceful rural Maine adds to the pain of living and a replacement of a different harbor of peace.

We are all seekers of humanity where laughter is shared, and strong hearts of care gain in strength even when the sea of life challenges our ability to love those who do not follow the rule to love one another, even our enemy who strikes a blow to our children. Every child struck is our child, because we are commanded to love our neighbor, with no exceptions.

When you have seen the kindness of so many children seeking peace, seeking to learn a new language, finding peace and love of so many American parents, that they know they have found a harbor of peace. They made this country strong in love and in the economy. Many U.S. parents took on a new generation and learned about the culture of neighboring countries as well as received the love of their new generation family.

Those of us in the elder years know these children of truth and strength who listened to us as they began families of their own. Those people who assign every refugee and asylum seeker with a slather of hate as if every white male was guilty of sexual assault and murder was a true statement, have lied as they do not know all humanity that lives here.

We pray God’s love pilots all lives into harbors of peace.

Jarryl Larson