letter to the editor

Too many unanswered questions

Mon, 06/29/2020 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

Remember the Ferguson riots, when the Communist Party of the USA and its backers began earnestly placing America in its crosshairs, riling up as much racist hatred and vandalizing thieves as possible in the process? Wasn’t the African-American they targeted in Ferguson, just like the one they targeted in Minneapolis, nothing more than a convenient pawn for eventually securing a much bigger prize?

Isn’t America now being badly outflanked by two revolutionary global movements, Communism and Radical Islam, that share exactly the same republic-shattering evils of absolutism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism? Didn’t Stalin completely destroy the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow in 1931 to clearly signal that the only religion allowed would be the religion of Communism? Remember when the Taliban shocked the world by blowing up the Buddhist cliff carvings at Bamiyan? Will Antifa and BLM, both trained and funded by marxists, be allowed to continue shocking America by attacking its most culturally symbolic monuments and places of worship?

Isn’t there a grass-roots Marxist insurrection now spreading throughout America like a prairie fire, and aren’t the Chinese Communists behind it all, beginning with their deliberate exportation of COVID-19 into America via Europe soon after it became clear that Trump would survive impeachment? Has the CCP already hatched a plan for financially destroying the West, and if so, will Trump be able to stop them economically, as Reagan did to the Soviets in 1989?

Isn’t our future, and perhaps even survival, now vitally dependent on desperately needed answers to these, and many more compelling questions?

Phil Molvar