Letter to the editor

Tom Minerich for selectman

Wed, 04/24/2019 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

When we moved to Boothbay Harbor over two years ago and bought the Paton Block, one of the very first residents I met was Tom Minerich. We met when he walked into our store, the Harbor Mart, tools in tow, to help out as we froze one of our pipes. That was the first of many times he came in and shared his time to help out. Since then, Tom continues to stop by and check on us.

Since then, what I’ve witnessed, in so many ways, is Tom’s commitment to the community. He truly wants success for others, is unwavering and, most importantly, without an agenda. Whether an unexpected act of kindness or his work with the Railway Museum I see his dedication. An example is the hundred or so hours he invested in making the first, huge, wooden replica of the Boothbay Lights/Gardens Aglow logo. It was an impressive, visual welcome to our winter visitors and has become quite the beacon when entering the peninsula. He subsequently joined the Boothbay Lights committee and works hard to ensure the success of this event which directly benefits the local business community.

Most recently, Toms efforts involved reaching out to a perspective business owner. Through social media, a couple were searching to relocate to a “coastal Maine town” with strong tourism. They were researching locales and Tom organized and hosted their visit. I was part of a group of local business owners that met with them to share experiences. Tom took the initiative and now we have a new family and business in town - that’s a win for us all!

Tom has a genuine interest in helping people and a love for community – I have experienced this first-hand and through his own initiative. I support Tom for board of selectman because of his commitment to the town, insight into our schools, support of local business and growing our tax base while attracting young families. I am voting for Tom Minerich for board of selectman and I encourage you to do the same!

Patty Sterling
Boothbay Harbor