Tidepools: Lots of depth

Boothbay Harbor’s new shared retail market off to a good start
Sat, 07/26/2014 - 8:45am

    Tidepools, in the heart of Boothbay Harbor, has only been open since Memorial Day, but it's off to a good start.

    A new concept for the Boothbay area, shared retail market Tidepools is the brain child of painter Maria Boord and Jeff Curtis, owner of Sherman's Books and Stationary.

    The building that houses Tidepools had been empty since the Village Market closed, and Curtis, who owns it, and business partner Boord, came up with the concept of renting out booth spaces for artisans and vendors to sell their wares.

    Boord said that it could be an opportunity to test one's entrepreneurial skills without having to sign a lease or make a long-term commitment.

    “The original concept we had, besides creating a fun shopping experience, was to provide a low-cost, low-risk place for creative people to sell their ideas ... a sort of 'creativity incubator' that hopefully will allow some to grow into full size spaces of their own,” she said.

    Jackie Goodwin, who was manning the store on July 24, said that business has been good.

    “We've been doing really well. The busiest times seem to be when it rains in the morning and stops mid day. Then business picks up in the afternoon.”

    Manager Zandy Long said that she frequently hears sentimental stories from customers about some of the antiques and vintage items they see in the booths.

    “A man bought a lamp from (vintage booth) Pull Over The Car Antiques & Vintage because it was the exact one his father had on his desk at his cottage, and (his) was broken.”

    Paintings and guitars adorn the walls of the store. Musical Instruments Instructor Chip Schwem of Boothbay used the guitars for demonstration in the past year at Boothbay Region High School. The proceeds of the guitars at Tidepools will go toward building more guitars next year.

    Some of the cool finds at Tidepools are: painted wood buoys, handmade jewelry, note cards and art prints, oil and acrylic paintings, books, most with Maine themes, painted tins, sea glass wind chimes and jewelry, whimsical art fashioned from everyday utensils, handmade pot holders, hats and doormats, baskets and dog leashes made from recycled Maine fishing rope by Cunnah Town Blues, hand-knit scarves and hats, homemade dolls, handcrafted soaps, antiques and vintage items, vintage clothing — and a myriad of other fun and creative items too numerous to mention. Click through the photos for more items and shops.

    There is a lot to see at the new marketplace in the harbor, and with a diverse variety — something for everyone.

    Check it out. It’s right in the heart of the harbor at 10 Commercial Street.