From the editor

Three things

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 8:45am

Lucille Machon had already lived through a world war, a war in Korea and witnessed the start of the Vietnam War before I was born. But like her, we were both born and raised in Boothbay Harbor, and unless I win it big in Powerball, like her, I will probably live my entire life in this town. Not a bad thing, because I got to know Lucille and marveled at her vitality through her "senior" years. Anyone who knew her can relate, as her mind kept sharp right up until she died this past Friday at 102. She will be missed and I wish to mention how appreciative I am — and I am sure there are others — of her son and daughter-in-law, Ira and Connie Machon, for providing the care and for taking her "about town" and beyond so we could stop by a table and say hi. Rest in peace, Lucille.

* * * * *

Well, is it over? Winter, that is? Been so busy, I haven't stopped to buy a new snow shovel after mine broke following the seven-inch storm we had a week or two back. Mother Nature has taken care of most of that snow (except for the plow piles) so I might be able to hold off on getting that "wintertime necessity." Can't wait to see my first robin! Come on spring!

* * * * *

It's almost "March Madness" time and every year I fill out my NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket, hoping to highlight many more wins than losses. Last year was a complete bust, starting with the first-ever No. 16 (University of Maryland-Baltimore County) defeating No. 1 Virginia. Seems like it went downhill fast after that. I don't gamble on the games/bracket; I just like to edge my wife and son, who have their own ways of predicting the winners. My wife does pretty well (she has beaten my bracket a few times), even though she rarely keeps up with the season. Some of her methods for picking winners are questionable — uniform color? — but, hey, she's won with picking the blue team over the red team. I just hope her Tar Heels go down before my Blue Devils!

Let the insanity begin!