letter to the editor


Posted:  Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - 2:00pm

Dear Editor:

On Saturday before Christmas, there was a knock on my door. There stood a gathering of people, some wearing assorted Santa type red and white suits. I asked them all to come in the house where I ushered them into the living room. There must have been about seven of them including Oliver, owner of the Southport store. They had one woman with them all adorned in a red suit with white trim. They all bunched together in front of the fireplace. It must have only twenty degrees out that day, so it was very warm in the house and they all glad to be inside. They had a list of other shut-in folks to visit that day. With sheets of paper in hand they all began singing “Jingle Bells,” complete with three verses. They all had such wonderful voices!

After a couple more songs, each one of them presented me with a small gift, one by one. This all took place for only about 15 minutes, but I must say I was overcome by emotion. Never in my 90 years has anyone done something like that for me. There was so much joy and love expressed at one time; I was flabbergasted! They all hugged me good-bye then, including Santa, a friend of mine. A truly wonderful Christmas display of sharing and happiness.

I am so proud that we have such good folks out there willing to give up private time for others. Merry Christmas.

Jackie Andersen