A summer of sea and science

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 10:30am

What do you have when you explore the “World Below the Waves”, “What’s Hot in the Gulf of Maine,” “The Secret Lives of Trash,” “Tall Ships and Taller Tales,” and “Ship to Shore?” The Boothbay Sea and Science Center’s 2020 online sea and science summer program.

Together with scientists, science teachers, sailing and science instructors, aquaculturists, leaders in marine conservation, sailmakers, shipwrights, artists, historians, and storytellers, youth ages 5 – 17 will explore the secrets of the sea and gain a better understanding of ocean awareness and stewardship.

The COVID-19 CDC and state guidelines have caused the Boothbay Sea and Science Center (BSSC) to change its course and navigate the world of virtual programming. BSSC’s virtual summer program (6/29 – 8/21) will feature a different topic each day of the week that will run for eight weeks using readily available video conference/virtual platforms such as Zoom, Seesaw, etc.

Participation requires logging-in during designated morning-times to listen and interact with the Instructor as he/she presents his/her topic.  The day of the week that each topic will be presented is listed on the BSSC website at www.boothbayseaandsciencecenter.org

Youth ages 5-17 can be registered for one or for multiple topics. The cost of $10/topic/child entitles access to 8 weeks of dynamic interactive sea and science online programming. 

Registration is required for the morning program. Each topic includes weather, local marine life, and responsible marine stewardship taught by one of BSSC’s qualified Instructors.

BSSC will also offer a free activity-based afternoon program. Parents and their child(ren) will need to login to participate. The 45-minute afternoon programs will feature activities that parents and their child(ren) can actively participate in at home. Please check the BSSC website for the afternoon activities schedule.

To register for BSSC’s Online Program, go to www.boothbayseaandsciencecenter.org or email Pauline Dion at info@boothbayseaandsciencecenter.org or call 207-350-5357. Parents are encouraged to sign their child(ren) up as soon as possible as attendance is limited in each of the sessions.