Letter to the edtor

Sri Lanka government helps its people

Wed, 05/01/2019 - 10:00pm

Dear Editor: 

Perhaps following the New Zealand example, the Sri Lanka government stepped up to the plate of caring for its people in need, following the horrific attack of 8 bomb blasts in churches where 1,000 people remember the death of Jesus, and in large tourist hotels. The 9th bomb was diffused and 87 more detonators were in a bus terminal. 

As of April 25, 253 people were killed and 500 were injured.  Sri Lanka is providing $5,722 for each victim, plus $572. for funeral costs. They are also providing from $570 to $1,718 for each injured person. They added their intent to pay for rebuilding all damaged churches. The Government is taking full responsibility for what happened and openly apologizes for everyone.

Both New Zealand and Sri Lanka have shown the world how concern, care, and respect for their people are essential ways to help families who were impacted by the actions of terrorists who dish out great harm to all victims and their families.

When there are warnings of harmful plans, or harm to our lands and people, this is a lesson we cannot ignore. Warnings ignored costs money and lives. That lesson was learned on Easter Sunday and people harmed paid the price. 

Lately we have witnessed many warnings of threats to do harm to others.  Today we are learning that words of threats cannot be ignored. They cannot be ignored even if we don’t believe them. They cannot be ignored even if we want to deny the science behind them. Warning signs were always meant to save lives. Noah could not ignore the need to build an ark, even when many of the people were laughing and he was begging them to get on the ark, but they did not.

There are many who have made fun of threats to kill members of congress. They don’t want to believe, so they deny validity of facts. Many denied the government’s predictions of heavy weather issues that would increase expenses and could cost lives, but they ignore what they see and hear which validates the reports. Many of us deny the warnings of our own health status and avoid seeing a doctor until the pain is too much. 

All warnings are real. Ignoring them costs money and lives.

Jarryl Larson