Boothbay Region Special Olympics

Special Olympians hold basketball skills competition

Mon, 04/26/2021 - 2:45pm

Boothbay region Special Olympians participated in a basketball skills competition April 14. Coach Toby LeConte reported COVID-19 guidelines were followed by all and 16 athletes from Boothbay Region Elementary and High schools and also adult Special Olympians were divided into four groups based on safety and ability.

“They have been practicing all basketball season dribbling, passing, scoring and rebounding skills,” said LeConte. “Jameson Brooks and Brently Maxcy competed first winning a first and second place. They have been working hard to master their skills.”

Participating BRHS athletes were Valerie Giles, Vincent Giles, Grace Giles and Cole Walby; BRES athletes, Anthony Angelico, Zander Blake, Chloe Joneth and home-school student Coyle Lawler; adult athletes, Isaac Pray, Amber Hyson, Blake Chadwick, Joey Ranco, Donny Dunning, Matt Farnham, Ronda LeConte, and Peter Brewster.

LeConte said athletes were awarded according to abilities and division and all athletes received a “Get Out and Play” ball or hula-hoop from Special Olympics.

“They all were glad to be there and see each other … (so), a huge thank you to parents, teachers, ed techs, and volunteers for helping the contest take place.”