Special Olympians bring home 12 medals

Wed, 03/30/2022 - 1:15pm

Boothbay region Special Olympians competed in the Southern Maine Special Olympics Basketball Skills Competition at University of Southern Maine in Gorham March 28. Athletes competed against several teams in three divisions and returned with 12 medals and one fourth place win. Coaches Don Dickson, Mary Pawlowski and Toby LeConte were joined by volunteer Camille Chadwick.

“I was amazed and proud at how fast the athletes changed gears from skiing to basketball,” said Coach Toby LeConte. “Momentum builds.”

Joey Ranco and Peter Brewster won silvers and Ronda LeConte and Donny Dunning golds in 30 and over divisions. In the 16-21 category, Vincent Giles took a fourth place, Graces Giles a bronze, Valerie Giles a silver and Blake Chadwick, Amber Hyson and Danny Miller golds.

Zander Blake took gold in the 12-15 quite literally single-handed – with a broken wrist, Blake performed the dribbling skills portion with no errors and his considerable speed topped all competition. Taking golds in the 11 and under category were Jameson Brooks for motor activities and Bently Maxcy for Division One.

The Olympians did not take for granted the ability to come together, compete and consort considering the long gaps spent apart from one another throughout the pandemic.

Said Valerie Giles, “It was great to see all my friends.”