Tue, 05/18/2021 - 10:00am

Community is so important, and especially when someone dies. The empty spot in the hearts of those remaining can be at least somewhat filled by the gathered community. Southport experienced two occasions of such gatherings this past week, one to lay to rest Bob Marshall at St. Columba’s Church and the other to celebrate the life of Donald Brewer Sr. at Robinson’s Wharf.

The occasions were different, one in a church, with folks distanced and masked, and the traditional words read with the internment following, folks invited to add dirt symbolically to the top of the urn; the other begun with over 60 boats parading from Mouse Island through Townsend Gut and under the bridge to signify Don’s life as a lobsterman, and son, Maynard, also a lobsterman, pulling Don’s empty skiff behind his boat.

COVID-19 is still with us. Lynn Orne, for Hall’s funeral home, was recording names on both occasions in case contract tracing had to be done, but such a reminder of our current times did not impinge on the care, and love, and respect shone for Bob and Don. Such care is also part of community. Thanks, Southport, and to all others who put aside their daily lives and came together to remember and to celebrate these lives.

Robinson’s Wharf was especially busy last Sunday, not only with the celebration of Donald Brewer’s life, but also before that gathering really got underway, with a gathering of Corvette owners. Shiny, colorful cars filled the parking lot, reminding me of my youth when such cars were first on the market. Now they are collectors items, lovingly cared for mostly by much older owners.
Along with other businesses on the island Robinson’s Wharf needs more helpers. At least until Memorial Day, they will be closed both Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Island Store continues to need workers also.

The new manager at Ocean Gate, Leslie, says they are open for business with kayaks, boats, and a full breakfast available for guests. Debbie, at Newagen Inn reports that the Inn and Pub will  open Sunday, May 23 with music on Sunday and Thursday nights. Cozy’s Dockside in Cozy Harbor will open June 1. The sign for Gray’s Campground is hanging again on Route 238, indicating they are open.

Other signs of summer are the floats and docks now in the water. Both the Southport Yacht Club and the town docks are in at Cozy Harbor. On Monday morning Gerry Gamage was just finishing launching the floats on Capitol Island. Town Landing is still rather empty, but I expect that area is next on Gerry’s list.

Our island school students have been busy as usual. Last Thursday, May 14, they produced their spring concert via Zoom. The Student Art Show at the Boothbay Region Art Foundation is being
held May 20 - 22 from 11:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. with Southport student works included in the show.

Finally, from Ashley at the Town Hall comes news about ducks sometimes enjoying the middle of the road between the Monument and Cozy Harbor Road, so watch for them as you drive that
stretch of the island. We are not sure why they are not safely in the pond, which is close by.