Southport school offers work packets, food

Wed, 03/18/2020 - 1:30pm

    While schools remain closed, Southport residents under the age of 18 can collect a bagged lunch from the schoolyard Monday through Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

    “We started yesterday,” said Principal Lisa Clarke Wednesday. “We had about six or eight children come by, but I expect that number will grow. There is a sign-up on the AOS 98 website but that’s just to give us an idea of numbers. No one will be turned away.”

    Each bag will contain lunch for the day of collection and food for the following day’s breakfast. “The Friday bag will have extra to help kids get through the weekend,” said Clarke. “We’d like families to pick up their own bags but for those who are unable to get here we’ll be arranging delivery.”

    All the teachers have been busy this week putting together work packets for the students.

    The packets will contain materials including books, journals, science journals, art materials, math work, and more. “There’s not going to be any new material, because we don’t want to overwhelm parents,” Clarke said. “So it’s all material that the students have already covered in class but which, hopefully, will encourage them to go on learning. They can go outside and find things for their science journals. They’ll find laminated sheets on which they can practice math. There are online resources as well, but for those families who don’t have online access, there’s more than enough paper material.”

    Clarke said parents will be notified by email when the packets are ready and how they will be distributed.

    March 16 and 17,  the school’s teachers and staff were working together at the school but all have now been asked by the Department of Education to work remotely as much as possible. That doesn’t mean parents and students will lose touch, though. “All the teachers will be talking to all their families at least once a week,” said Clarke. “They’ll be using Facetime, telephone calls, Seesaw… and they’ll be available via email as well.

    “These are new times for all of us,” said Clarke. “The staff is being wonderful, as you’d expect, and we will keep our families as informed as we possibly can.”

    As for the effect this will have on the end of the school year, Clarke said, “It has not been confirmed at this stage but my expectation is that we will not see make-up days for this at the end of the year.”

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