Southport kids talk turkey (and mac and cheese)

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 7:00am

    When you’re only 5 or 6,  it’s hard to say just what Thanksgiving is all about. But the children of Nikki Tibbetts’ kindergarten and first grade class at Southport Central School were happy to take time out of their busy day two weeks before Thanksgiving to talk about the coming holiday.

    The history of the day was hazy, but once they agreed the pilgrims killed a turkey, the five friends, Aurora Wallace, Duncan Scott, Jonah Fessenden, Ryder Baker and Shepherd Griffith (sadly, Grady Gamage was not with them that day) were happy to talk food. And there were definitely some variations from traditionally anticipated fare.

    For Wallace, there would be “macaroni cheese with cheese on it and turkey with salt,” while for Griffith, who doesn’t like turkey, there was going to be “salami grilled cheese.” Baker was looking forward to “bacon…my family really loves bacon.” And Fessenden thought there would be turkey and tomato soup, “which I don’t like.” Only Scott would definitively say there would be turkey for dinner because, as he pointed out, “we have an oven.”

    There had been talk earlier in the day about things they were thankful for and, as the day progressed, they were making a book of their thoughts. There were bigger items, such as the planet and nature. And the kids were thankful for talents: Swinging, sliding and jumping. At school they were thankful for getting smarter and for friends and math, while at home they appreciated things ranging from books to freedom, and from dresses to family.

    The part of Thanksgiving they were most looking forward to? Spending time with cousins and other extended family members and, after the big day, going to Get Air in Portland, playing laser tag with family and, for Wallace, “going on the trampoline at Bella’s house.”