Southport General Store adds delivery service for those in need

Thu, 03/19/2020 - 8:15am

    Among the many advantages of small community living is the potential to shift gear and support neighbors. At Southport General Store this week, it’s business as usual, but not!

    Manager Nancy Long explained, “If any of our customers are sick, self-isolating, or in quarantine, we’re now able to deliver groceries. All they have to do is call in, place their order, and pay by credit card over the phone. We’ll then deliver to their home and leave the goods on the porch, no charge.”

    The store hasn’t seen a great change in foot traffic, but, said Long, there is a change in buying habits. “Customers are buying more, simply because they’d rather not go off the island to Hannaford or elsewhere. I placed an order for items this week and it came through just fine. We have bread, milk, toilet paper – which we’re selling one roll per person – and thus far we’re seeing no problems with supply.”

    At the moment, there are no plans to bring in more fresh produce, although, said Long, “We do always have some tomatoes, leaf lettuce and green peppers out back if people need. And we have Boars Head deli meats for slicing.”

    Pizza, soups, sandwiches, muffins, cookies and all the other store favorites are still on offer, but there is no more self-serve. “We’re being careful,” said Long. “And that means limiting contact between us and our customers and practicing good social distancing.”