Southport Column: Stolen signs, store improvements and more

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 7:15am

Hey, play fair! I understand that out of the fifty Axion signs that were recently placed around the island to give information about signing up for the broadband project, about thirty of them have been stolen. Instead of trying to remove information, come to the Southport Town Hall on Wednesday, June 22, at 6 p.m. to get answers to any questions you may have about the fiber installation project. Also, please note that you can go onto the Southport Broadband Committee's website to learn more about this town-wide effort to provide all Southport households with equal access to affordable, reliable, high-speed full fiber internet service. Voters on Southport will have their opinions counted for or against this project on voting day, June 28.

Attention all Southport Democrats (others are welcome too). The Southport Democratic Party will be meeting at the Southport Library at Cape Newagen on Thursday evening, June 23, from 6:30 until 7:45 p.m. The primary purpose is to elect officers, as well as discuss the upcoming campaign on Southport for the state and national elections scheduled for Nov. 8. Also the meeting is an opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones. Call Bill Messmer at 973-723-1334 if you have questions.

Much bustle about the island store these days. The new coolers have been installed and brighten the far wall with their many offerings. A new coffee machine has been installed so that we can have a variety of coffees and expresso. With the bakery section of the store completely painted and with new equipment installed, coffee and delicious, fresh baked goods are now available. As usual in the summer time, fresh steaks, ready for the grill, are also for sale. Renovations to the counter at the Gift Barn caused it to be closed Monday morning, but all is ready and now open again for gift shopping.

Also on Monday, the food truck, called Coastal Crave, operated by Amanda Cotier, at Sweet Dreams Bakery, opened for the summer, serving lunch from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday. You can find the menu on Facebook. When I visited our head selectman, Gerry Gamage, was enjoying his lunch, perhaps one of the summer’s first customers.

T’was a busy weekend around for Southport young ones. Our sixth grade students at  the Southport Central School graduated last Friday morning, June 17, at a ceremony held at Newagan Inn beginning at 9:30 a.m. Others of our Southport young ones were part of the Y Arts Encore Performers who this past Friday and Saturday, sang and danced in the much acclaimed show called “Into the Woods Junior” Look for a complete list of the cast and a review of the show elsewhere in this paper.

In spite of cold and rainy weather, the summer chapel of All Saints by-the-Sea opened to a full house this past Sunday, June 19. Some of us handled the cold by pretending it was the Christmas Eve service. But all went well. The cart carried people down the path and back up after the service, the driver delighted the rain had not frozen. Two clergy, Ginny Sheay and Paul Tunkle, shared the service that included recognition of the many years Kit Sherrill had served the chapel, conducting his first service there in June 1967. A new communion cup and paten, needed at the chapel and made in Maine, were shown to all with the cup bearing an inscription of thanks to Kit. The cake served at the reception on the porch following the service also bore a message of thanks. Was it the rain or were our faces mostly wet with tears. Thanks to all who organized and participated in the service.