Southport Column: Ospreys, places to go and more

Tue, 07/28/2020 - 12:00pm

So quiet as I type on Monday about noon. Thank goodness the power went out for some of us on Southport last night rather than this morning. Not sure of the cause, but I know Newagen Inn lost power for a few hours as did we on the east side, but the Kinseys on Cross Road, the store on the west side, and the bridge did not lose electricity. Since we had no storm or wind at all, and I saw no damage from a car accident as I drove around this morning, I am curious.

Driving over the bridge the other day I was very grateful I was not in a convertible because just as I entered the span from the east, streaks of white with a bit of black slid down by driver’s side window and windshield. When I arrived home, the decorated portion of the car included the left front headlight and the driver’s side door. Perhaps the parents of the three chicks in the nest on top of the bridge had been particularly busy or had eaten a large amount to give them energy to to care for their young. The bridge tender, Tom, tells me he gets raucously scolded every time he climbs the ladder to open the bridge. So glad to see the family back again that we will put up with the occasional mess and the noise.

During the hot and humid days this past week, the Hendricks Head beach was the favorite place to go. Even this old lady went swimming a couple of times to cool off. Great to have swimming close by.

Another great place is the Pub at Newagen Inn. But do note that it will be open this Saturday only from 7 until 9 p.m. due to a function elsewhere at the Inn.

Although the Southport Yacht Club was very quiet when I stopped by Monday morning, I enjoyed the flowers in the planters along the south side of the yacht club building. Thanks to Toni Helming and her helper who got new boxes and planted them. On the weekends and even during the week there are sailing activities from Cozy Harbor even though the normal sailing classes are not being held this year. Note that the “Rock the Boat 5K” Registration-T-Shirt deadline is noon on Thursday, July 30. Look on the club’s website or elsewhere in this paper for other sailing news and results.

I hear that Friday, July 31, Maine’s Commissioner of Education will announce which counties will be able to open their schools. How our island school will conduct its teaching and other activities this year will depend on the decision. Southport Central School Principal Lisa Clarke said she will be informing families as soon as she hears from the Commissioner on Friday.

Please know that the big, green envelop for news that I can incorporate into this column still hangs just inside the door of the Southport General Store. Or you can send me news at — remember, if I do not get news, I just might make it up.

Be well!