Southport Column: Lights, dogs, music and more

Posted:  Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 11:30am

Driving the length of Cozy Harbor Road and onto Pratts Island, I see new homes in progress, additions to homes being finished, and summer homes tucked up for the winter along with the owners’ boats. Although the beach at the south ends of Pratts is politely marked as ‘Private” and “No Trespassing,” the tide pays no attention, invading into the grass as I watched. And I could watch sitting politely in my car, not trespassing.  

But what I noticed most was what, at least so far, has not changed. On Pratts the deep green moss still covers the rocks. The woods are still dense. Some houses along Cozy Harbor Road and on back toward the store have changed little if at all, pulling up from my memory images of my now adult children playing flashlight tag and riding their bikes. Change is inevitable in life, but we can cherish that which remains the same.

Southport has changed for the Christmas season. Friday’s ‘Southport Lights Up’ event held between the Island Store and the store gift shop, was a great success. Look for pictures and an article elsewhere in this paper.

Sunday evening the Southport Methodist Church was full for the annual soup supper and lessons and carols service. Thanks to Mary Miller and her choir for good food and lovely music and to all the participants and helpers for this traditional beginning of the Advent season.

More music is in the air on Southport as Southport men are invited to join the Southport Men’s Chorus. An organizational meeting will be held this Sunday night, Dec. 10, beginning at 6 p.m. at the home of Skip Simonds and Betsey de Groff in Newagen. Anyone interested is welcome. The only requirement is that you live on Southport. You do not have to have prior musical experience - just a desire to sing. If you have questions, you may call Kit Sherrill at 633-0672.

You may have noticed last week in this paper an article titled, “Southport launches a safety check initiative.” Although the forms are not yet available at the Southport Town Hall, the plan is that Southporters may participate in this initiative by filling out a form indicating that they would like someone to check on them if we have a severe storm or other extreme event.  Stay tuned for more information.  

Another effort to organize mutual support in our community is ‘Thursdays at 2:00” All of us are invited to gather at that time at the Southport Memorial Library to talk about how we can best work together to keep each other safe.

Kathy Barter was keeping eight-week-old Chewbacca safe at the library on Tuesday morning. Along with his bed and toys this adorable, little golden ball of fur offered cuddling opportunity to all as they arrived. Meanwhile, sleek and tall Sammy also offered patting opportunities to dog lovers such as myself who at the moment is petless. In addition to the dogs, all chairs were filled around the library table, including one by Frannie Johnson, who is back after a long absence. Her granddaughter, Jessica Brewer, will arrive this afternoon for a week’s visit from her home in
Montana. Although Jessica missed the library arts and crafts fair, many crafts are still available for purchase as well as raffle tickets on two baskets, one from the Alpaca farm and one full of delicious edibles.

Also at the library this morning I learned I had misspelled Heidi Goulette Johnson’s name. Heidi was here from Florida visiting family. Apologies to Heidi and to her family.

Kathy Bugbee has returned from travels to Mallorca, Spain, where she celebrated Thanksgiving with lamb instead of turkey at a rustic farm on a mountain top. Two days before Thanksgiving she had celebrated her 80th birthday at the home of her tour guide and an old friend.

A program on Dec. 17, featuring actor Will Rhys, sponsored by the Southport Library Aides, featuring a Christmas presentation, has had to be canceled due to the actor needing knee surgery.  Many of us who went to this program last year are disappointed as last year’s program was excellent, so we hope Mr. Rhys will be available next year.

We are all invited on Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 6 p.m. to the Southport Town Hall, to enjoy the Southport Central School Children’s Christmas Concert, always a fun time to see the creativity of the school on display.

Much of Southport already sports lights and Christmas decorations, but if you still need a wreath, you can buy one from the Tibbettses on the west side of Southport. And note the large, inflated Santa who waves to us from the parking area of Sweet Dreams Bakery.

Although not available in time for Christmas, on Jan. 1 the Maine Motor Vehicle Department will begin selling a bicentennial license plate to attach to the front of your car. Money raised will be given to Maine cultural agencies. A picture of the plate is posted at Donna’s desk at the Southport Town Hall. In 2020 the State of Maine will be 200 years old.  

Doug Goldhirsch from Southport Island Marine tells me even with expansion the boatyard is nearly full. He especially likes this time of year when the boats are all pulled, serviced, and covered, so baring surprises, he can relax and enjoy the season.