Southport Column: Broadband survey, weaker storm and more

Tue, 12/29/2020 - 8:30am

Note that our Island store will be open all day on New Year’s Eve so you may buy your spirits or some good food, but will be closed on New Year’s Day. The store remains closed on Sundays.

A request comes from the Southport Community Broadband Working Group asking you to share your broadband story. If you have not already completed their survey: "Southport Internet Service Survey,” it is not too late to do so. To receive a link to the survey you can email the working group at, give them a call at 207-217-7743, or look for the link on the website:

This survey is a critical component of the island-wide assessment of existing internet service and an important planning tool for the creation of a broadband network that will ensure all residents and businesses on Southport that going forward they will be able to obtain fast, reliable, and cost-effective internet service. With many of our year-round island residents working from home, or staying in touch with family and friends on Zoom, or attending classes online the timing for this initiative is perfect. The Committee encourages us to make 2021 the year that we work together to build a stronger and more sustainable island community.

Looking back over the Christmas holiday we were very lucky that the wind and rain storm was not as bad as forecast. I am told that a few floats became loose in Cozy Harbor, but were quickly rescued, and that a few people on Dogfish Head lost power, but most of the island was spared major tree damage or power loss. Our ground water supply should be in good shape with the melting snow and the addition of rain.

I applaud our governor, Janet Mills, for assuring youngsters around the state that Santa had clearance to travel throughout Maine with proper Covid precautions, and that he was duly suited up to protect himself from the impending storm. I saw a picture posted by our editor, Kevin Burnham, on Facebook showing his family opening presents on Southport, so I know Santa made it to that house and, I am sure, to many others.

As the new year approaches, I struggle with two options: to snuggle up with good books, puzzles, and games online, or to turn to tasks like cleaning the attic or settling in to more writing, or participating in a cause such as the folks working on increasing our island residents’ access to broadband are pursuing. I wonder, dear readers, if you have similar thoughts, that is to retreat and cocoon in the face of Covid, or to Zoom forward with a more active life. Perhaps we can do both. However we choose, Happy New Year.