letter to the editor

Shame on you Rockland

Mon, 08/10/2020 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

If one were to list the poorest run cities in the U.S., Chicago, New York, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle come to mind immediately.

You can now add Rockland, Maine to the list.

Just last week, the Rockland city council agreed to bend to a community gathered petition that pledges the town divest its financial resources from the police department. More than that, suggestions include actual replacement of law enforcement with implementing mental health and social workers as first-responders to emergency calls.

Great idea, Rockland! Let’s get wet-nosed kids in their early twenties out there heavily armed with college degrees in English Literature, Gender studies and American Jazz Music History, responding to armed robbery, attempted rape or even deadly home-invasion calls.

Is a social worker expected to politely ask an assailant wielding a weapon to kindly sit down while they all hold hands, sing Kumbuya and watch old ’70s reruns of Sesame Street?

All this amounts to is a simple betrayal of the all the officers, deputies and chiefs in Maine who have not only poured-out their dedication to service but in some cases sacrificed their own lives.

Harbor Chief Hasch and Lincoln County Sheriff Brackett have been stalwart and resolute on duty and off. They do not deserve this knife in the back from those who are more concerned about their own social standing among their progressive pals and phony leftist ideologies.

Every large U.S. city is experiencing climbing homicide rates and these fools want to embarrass and eliminate their own well-trained law enforcement without any of the accusations of racism and police brutality substantiated.

While rioters are allowed to destroy, law abiding business owners are ordered to cover-up, stay home and go bankrupt. Please, let us all remember what happened in Chicago last Sunday.

I do not believe a bunch of social workers and head-shrinks will do the job.

Bitter shame on you Rockland, Maine, you are an absolute disgrace!

Next time you are in big trouble and have a dire need to call for help…” who you gonna call…the Ghost-Busters?”

Support your local police.

Dave Gregg