Seahawk Proud recipients for November/December

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 8:00am

Thirty-four Boothbay Region High School students received Seahawk Proud coins for acts of kindness in November and December. The coins are presented by school staff, administration and students to community members who display acts of kindness.

Recent recipients include Cameron Holbrook for his “kindness in spending time picking up and organizing a big spill of pastels in the art room and preparing room 107’s new refrigerator;” Haley Abbott for her willingness in helping another student finish lab work and using FaceTime as a mode of communication, helping another student find a solution to a problem, and hosting a Center for Teaching and Learning student; Della Hahn for helping another student complete lab work, using FaceTime as a mode of communication, hosting a CTL student, and assisting a fellow student in finding a solution to a problem; Lucas Hardwick for assisting another student in completing lab work, using FaceTime as a mode of communication.

Christian Longobardi for assisting a student in completing lab work and using FaceTime as a mode of communication; Isabel Harkins for picking up dropped money and hustling down the hall and returning it; Kameron Poore for his kindness and calmness in calming down a student during lunch and assisting another in passing his OHSA test; Leni Elder for assisting in creating backdrops for the fall musical, rip plywood strips for the batten and assembling it in the auditorium; Lauren Graham, Jake Kelly and Paulette Carter for helping prepare the fall musical’s backgrounds. Chip Schwehm for assisting in creating backdrops for the fall musical and providing tools and supplies. 

Susan Taylor for noticing nobody had signed up for Crockpot Thursday and jumping in to fill the gap; Tim Norton for filming every Seahawk football game this season; Grace Campbell and Rachel Barter for hosting a CTL student; Kaleb Ames, Mark Bayaca, Hunter Crocker, Fox Elder, Hali Goodwin, Andrew Gudroe, Michael Hollowell, Rowan Christian, and  Zach Rollins  for “gracefully” assisting another student in finding a solution; Gavin Carlson, Sean Marston and Aiden Stoddard for preparing a new refrigerator for room 107; Meghan Leeman for assisting another student with iPad trouble in class; and Michael Cusumano for putting away tables without being asked.