letter to the editor

Right on point

Mon, 07/15/2019 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

What more needs to be said! Read the letter from Tom Myette in the July 11 edition of this newspaper. It says it all. Written eloquently, intelligently and truthfully, it is “right on point.” We already have a park on the inner harbor (downtown side) and the east side has a gorgeous park, Barrett’s Park. It is away from the bustling crowds, provides fantastic views and this location is a calm and serene place to relax and enjoy. It also needs continued improvement and upkeep. It certainly could use a dock for those who wish to come by boat, and there are amenities that could be added – these all take money.

Do not take away prime commercial property and take tax revenue from our community. Let us all think about money going to preserve and repair the footbridge. The original design has fantastic history. Preserve it. I see no reason or need to change the design.

The tax revenue is needed for our schools, sidewalks, and to promote and help provide housing and job opportunities in Boothbay Harbor. The impact of the lost revenue from “prime commercial property” will be great.

Laura Honey

Boothbay Harbor