letter to the editor

Revitalizing our community

Mon, 08/13/2018 - 6:45pm

Dear Editor:

Revitalizing the east side and maintaining our working waterfront should be everyone’s goal. The development will impact jobs and cash flow (tax revenue) for the town for years to come benefiting all. Tourism and our working waterfront are not going to go away. Both play a vital role in keeping this community’s character and its financial wellbeing. The two can live harmoniously with well thought out plans. The Boothbay region is competing with other communities up and down the coast to survive and prosper.

Renovations and investments are periodically needed just like our homes to avoid disrepair, or they become unsafe, abandoned structures. The area is bustling with new visitors and the first impression of our area has been quite improved. There is a new welcome sign, lots of beautiful flowers, a new roundabout creating a safer and easier traffic flow, new restrooms and parking on the Boothbay Common, and a new well equipped ambulance building. These are all positive improvements that were needed and are used by everyone.

Let’s all support the rezoning efforts and accept the personal investments being made to make this community a desirable destination for families to visit and enjoy, or even move here. The community needs it.

Jim and Marie Dobens

Boothbay Harbor