letter to the editor

Read the Constitution

Posted:  Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 10:30am

Dear Editor:

On Sept. 17, we marked 230 years since the framers of our Constitution put it in place. Every citizen should take the time to read the Constitution carefully. They should think about every word that makes it up and consider why these words were chosen. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention took 116 days to frame and agree upon the words that comprise that document. The words they used were carefully selected after much discussion because the framers wanted all citizens to understand who we were and what we held dear. They wanted a document that would define the values that we, as a people, would claim as our own. Our Constitution defines who we are as a people and it defines the rules that govern our Federation. 

Over the years since our Constitution was created, many politicians have held themselves above the framers of that document. They believed that their individual intelligence surpassed the combined brainpower of the framers. Time has proven that the only thing these politicians had that surpassed the framers as a group was the size of their over-inflated egos. These foolish individuals failed to recognize the fact that the document they would have liked to bastardize is not owned by the government . . . but by the people. It was not created by the government . . . but by the people. The Framers of our Constitution were so proud of that fact, they proclaimed their pride by beginning this document with three key words that tell the world who created it and who owns it . . . "We The People". These three simple but precious words tell the world that we are a single unit capable of communication, compromise, and cohesion regardless of how our two primary political parties make it appear at any given point in time!

Robert M. Collinsworth

Harrisville, New Hampshire