letter to the editor

Re: Kenniston Hill Inn

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

I can’t begin to show how thrilled I am concerning my dear friend Jane Carpenter’s article concerning “Plans announced for Kenniston Hill Inn.” The use of this historic founding family’s home adapted to a community use — what a unique concept. ElderCare’s adaptive use would showcase not only a local piece of history but save an endangered building.

There is a “preservation God” and shows how a community can get it done. Good work!

At one time, this handsome building was the pride of the community. After being saved from demolition for a “better view,” and left on a foundation with a questionable future, now maybe Kenniston Hill Inn will be repurposed as a prideful community effort.

Again, preservation is progress. Be glad!

Richard E. Plunkett