Public HART meeting Jan. 26

Tue, 01/18/2022 - 11:15am

Anyone who has been personally affected by the struggles, or even death of a loved one addicted to drugs, knows this is an enormous problem nationwide and in our own communities in Midcoast Maine.

The problem has gotten increasingly worse since the COVID pandemic. Many people have lost their livelihoods, leading to inertia, boredom and hopelessness. This will often drive vulnerable people to drugs to escape. Although there are many programs available to assist these people, they more often depend on "harm reduction" through Narcan injections after an overdose, or other addictive drugs like suboxone and methadone, to help ease the person out of their addiction. Sadly, these interventions are only temporary and very expensive.

HART, Helping Addicts Recover Today, was founded on a different premise, foremost being trust in God, to give power to overcome the addiction, and secondly on promoting activities to help the person find purpose in meaningful activities to take the attention off the need to go searching for another hit.
To that end, HART is having its first public meeting at the Second Congregational Church of Newcastle, 51 Main St., Newcastle, on Wednesday, Jan. 26, at 10 a.m.  We will be encouraging those who struggle with addiction to embrace honesty, reverence, hope, thrift, humility, charity, sincerity, moderation, hard work, courage, personal responsibility, and gratitude. We will be doing this through prayer and continuing programs of cooking for health, gardening instruction, music, writing, art, etc. All are welcome. Parking is available behind the church.
We are especially looking for volunteers and veterans with skills and ideas, and spiritual counselors. Please contact us at or Fran Needham at 207-350-2650 if you would like to participate.