letter to the editor

Proud to vote for Stover

Tue, 10/13/2020 - 7:30am

    Dear Editor:

    It is my honor to offer my endorsement of Holly Stover’s re-election for House District #89. Holly operates with a strong moral compass and serves in the best interest of the people in our community. She has good values and beliefs and is willing to take full responsibility for decisions she makes. Holly has a vast knowledge of various state government agencies and has been someone we have relied on to guide our business, particularly through the complexities we have faced during COVID-19. Holly is a tremendous resource to our community. I admire the work she does with our local nonprofits in the region. She works to support people who have dental needs with Lincoln County Dental and with the Community Resource Council to support people living with mental illness and substance use disorders.

    Holly has been an employee of Brown’s Wharf for 27+ years. We do rely on her array of talents and in her time with us, she has worked in all aspects of our operations, including the dining room, housekeeping, and even baking pies in our kitchen. You may not know that she is a very talented baker in her “spare” time. She cares for our guests and visitors like family and provides a stable presence here every year except of course this year because of COVID-19. Holly is one of the most versatile and talented people we have on our staff and we are proud to have her as part of our Brown’s Wharf family.

    I am voting for Holly Stover for re-election to the Maine House of Representatives and encourage you to join my support for this outstanding candidate.

    Michelle Brown Wilson

    Boothbay Harbor