letter to the editor

Preservation is progress

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 4:15pm

Dear Editor:

In your Jan. 31 edition, page 3 has two wonderful preservation news items. I am thrilled about “Land For Southport’s Future” and the other, “Preservation group announces planned purchase of Cap’n Fish’s Motel.” These plans are very positive and rewarding for these very important properties.

With $400,000 anonymously donated towards “Ruth’s house,” it makes a positive action in saving a great property with one of Maine’s best views for future generations — location, location, location. “Ruth’s house” cannot be lost; it cannot be replaced. Ruth Gardner’s house and grounds are equally important. Think positive with a donation. Enough has already been lost forever, so now is the time to care and donate.

The Cap’n Fish project is another ambitious winner for open space, a park and waterfront commercial fishing space. What a unique plan! Very positive for our harbor area, which represents fishing, boating and tourism. Such great energies are needed for the harbor and Southport. They are not just local heritage but raise awareness for others from near and far.

Sandwiched between the two articles is a photo of my dear friend, Bill Kirby of Enchantments. Glad to see him smile and doing good business from Gardens Aglow. I also smile for him and also the preservation news, which should make all of us glad. Saving two important properties says that “preservation is progress.”

Richard E. Plunkett