letter to the editor

A pit of sadness

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

Mark Tess, our beloved retired principal, wrote last week of his “stunned disbelief” that Tricia Campbell was not hired as the new principal for Boothbay Region Elementary School. I could not agree with him more on this unjust decision. The passion, energy and devotion which Tricia has put into our school community for the past four years could not be more qualifiable, nor more deserving, for this most important position within our school walls.

Sadly, our new superintendent knows nothing of the Tricia Campbell we teachers know as professionals who work with her daily, the Tricia Campbell that parents know as an advocate for their children and, most importantly, the Mrs. Campbell that our students know as a caring administrator who proclaims her love for them each and every day.

Likewise, I feel the deepest pit of sadness that the members of our school committee, with the exception of Peggy Splaine, have been blind-sided by Dr. Laser’s recommendation for what he feels is best for our school. It was his recommendation only, not a committee consensus as is usually the manner in which these decisions are made. Shame on you for not defending the strong resource we already have in our school community, our assistant principal who is well aware of Boothbay Region Elementary School’s strengths and weaknesses.

Tricia Campbell is a “one of a kind” treasure who I can only pray we will not lose. She is truly the spirit behind our school spirit. Her caring and love for our students simply cannot be replaced.

With heartfelt sadness.

Kathy Hartley
Grade 4 teacher at BRES