’Round Town


Wed, 07/31/2019 - 8:00am

“Where's the beef?” Silly bird!

I know I have mentioned many times the wonderful photographic coincidences encountered while doing non-photographic things. Carrying a camera with me when out and about is pretty much standard operating procedure. In fact, after all these years of work with cameras, I feel a bit unsettled without a lens. Has sort of become an acquired appendage.

So our daughter Mae landed home for a quick visit, and some of our family from Pennsylvania was in town for much anticipated Maine time, and coincidentally my 70th birthday ... ugh. We planned for dinner in the Harbor at the “Red House” rental on Oak Street. Our job was just to get there, which, in my family means sometime before the grilled chicken cools off.

Mae and I were making good progress from Southport until rounding the bend at the monument when Mae said, “Look at that, over there on the picnic table at the school.” It is so helpful sometimes to have another set of eyes along, especially while driving to avoid meandering telecommuters. It was a good catch.

When we pulled into the Southport school parking lot I figured the heron would fly, but nope, stayed right there. Perhaps it was somewhat accustomed to people dashing about on the school grounds. I suspect it may have been taking a break from fishing for frogs in the school pond. Every now and then a heron hangs out at our pond. There is a bumper crop of frogs this year — it sounds like a rock concert at night!

Anyway, I crept closer to our feathered friend. It noticed me and only turned its head for a better look, not appearing upset at all with our arrival. In fact, it did one of those cool one leg cocked up Japanese painting poses for good measure. Maybe there were hot dog remnants in the vicinity, leftover from recent school ground activities.

Eventually it launched with a burst from the afterburner!

I’m glad cows don’t fly!