’Round Town

Paul and Bobby

Wed, 12/04/2019 - 7:30am

Despite their competitive employers, Paul and Bobby are good friends, and I caught up with them during a lunch break recently at Capers, downtown Boothbay Harbor.

Breaking news! I learned that Bobby Cochran (the Fed Ex guy) moved off Kenneyfield Drive the very year that Stacey (Miss Capers) moved into the same neighborhood. And that Paul, Mr. UPS, liked the Boothbay area so much (after 30+ years of delivering) he arranged to have his wedding here on the south shore of Spruce Point.

Bobby, who is well known throughout the region, lived on Kenneyfield Drive from 1966-1974 with great stories and fond memories. He told me, at that time, there were 65 kids in their neightborhood: the Heaberlins, Renys, Jordans, Bennetts, Erskines, Hawkes and probably more that I have omitted. He said winter bonfires and sliding at Pat's Pond, just down the hill from the street, were among his fondest childhood memories.

We have known Paul since his earliest years with UPS in the area. His package delivering operations are legendary. Unlike Bobby, who delivers only Fed Ex express items, Paul carries freight. In the summer, peak season, you can see Paul's big brown truck, dead in the middle of Commercial Street, offloading mountains of boxes to places like Gimbel’s and Sherman’s. He primarily works downtown Boothbay Harbor, and the east side, averaging 75 stops a day with 150-200 packages.

Bobby delivers express packages all over the region and has been with Fed Ex for 21 years. Recently, a crew with Fed Ex filmed Bobby at Eddie’s Atlantic Edge Lobster, among other locations, to highlight Fed Ex regional services. Filming was done around the country. It’s a pretty jazzy presentation and can be seen via Google at “Fed Ex on the Road” Maine. Great job Bobby.

Truth be told, these two guys are family. This is their home away from home. They know the region and its people perhaps as well as any residents. And, imagine what happens to the delivery schedule in summer when the local population explodes with folks that nobody knows!

For Bobby and Paul, it’s a whole new deal. It’s their job to find everyone, and they do!

With the holiday season upon us, Fed Ex and UPS will be very busy. Bobby and Paul will do their best to see that deliveries land on time. It’s nice to know how much these guys care about us all. They are very considerate young chaps. Thanks guys!