letter to the editor

Our dedicated and caring police department

Fri, 11/20/2020 - 2:00pm

    Dear Editor:

    I am writing to express my gratitude and support for the Boothbay Harbor Police Department. We have, no doubt, one of the most committed, integrated and effective police departments in the state. Chief Bob Hasch leads a comprehensive, dedicated and devoted team of officers who have the great responsibility and talent for supporting and protecting all citizens and visitors to our very special community.

    I encourage our town and community leaders to recognize and reward the incredible resources we have in the BHPD. I believe it is our duty as community members and contributors to prioritize and acknowledge the importance of this imperative service. I do not want to see increased risk and delay of care by slowing response in a time of emergency. Lincoln County Sheriff's Department has a significant increase in distance/travel that could potentially delay emergency response to Boothbay Harbor.

    As a parent, I greatly appreciate the role of BHPD and Officer Larry Brown in our local schools. This role is one example of the efforts of the BHPD to be embedded in and familiar with the community they serve. Our children know, respect and depend on the officers as role models and resources in times of need. I implore you to consider and accept the reasonable and fair salary requests.  As a community we ask that our town leaders hear our calls for support and investment in our town safety and security. This should be our greatest priority, especially in these challenging times. 

    I am grateful to the Boothbay Harbor Selectboard for their hard work and dedication. Losing our officers at the Boothbay Harbor Police Department would significantly and negatively impact every citizen and visitor. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in this important matter. Thank you to Chief Hasch, Officer Larry Brown and all of the officers at the BHPD for your hard work and allegiance to our community. I am incredibly grateful!

    Tricia A. Campbell

    Boothbay Harbor