Opportunities to help during COVID-19 and beyond in youth ministry

Mon, 02/22/2021 - 1:30pm

    Are you interested in supporting youth development here in the Boothbay region? How can we empower them, offer them guidance, and provide them with a vehicle for positive change?

    The Congregational Church is seeking a person to coordinate our youth ministry. Partnering with the deacons and receiving support from the Religious Education Committee, the person will report directly to the pastor.

    The coordinator will have great flexibility to plan youth events in and beyond the church. This is a leadership position with the opportunity to organize events and programs for both Jr High and Sr High youth especially from early September to early June. The time commitment is approximately five hours per week.

    Some of the local activities of years past have included fun in the kitchen: making soup for pastoral visits or making pies to sell at fundraising activities. Community support activities: making and delivering cards to local assisted living facilities (pre-COVID-19, of course!) and conducting a food drive to support the local Food Pantry. There have been fun activities, including bowling, snow tubing and swimming. Some activities off the peninsula have included visiting Lincoln County Animal Shelter, participating in Habitat for Humanity in other states and even a service trip to Guatemala to work with children in their school under Safe Passage. These are some of the constructive social events intended to provide humanitarian care to those in crisis.

    The church will provide a modest income and numerous perks to be discussed.

    If this “lights a fire in your soul,” contact the church administrator, Heather Lorrain, at admin@congochurchbbh.org