Ocean Point Column: Hurricane relief, the demolition and more

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 12:00pm

I know summer has passed when one lonely boat sits on the mooring at Grimes Cove, there’s a bit of a chill in the morning air (enough to turn on a bit of heat), the days are crisp and clear, and there are pumpkins perched on Cilla and Dick Alden’s porch.

We certainly felt a bit of the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian last weekend with heavy rain, rough seas and some wind but nothing compared to what Abaco Island and the Bahamas experienced. The pictures seen on the news of the devastation is incredible. Several residents of Ocean Point as well as other residents of the immediate area have homes on the island.

I am told there is an organization collecting donations for the area. If interested in assisting in the relief effort your donation can be made to TCCF (Treasure Cay Community Foundation) and designated “hurricane Dorian relief.” Please send your donation to Tom Wheeler, P.O. Bos306, Mentor, Ohio 44060. Your donation will be acknowledged via email and deposited in TCCF’s account at PNC Bank and you will receive a letter and receipt from TCCF.

Last Friday and Saturday were an exciting time here at the Point as we watched our tennis courts and Casino torn down to make way for our new facility. Many Ocean Pointers were on hand for the event with phones in hand taking pictures and videos. E.M.Wood was back at it again early Monday morning to complete the cleanup. Jen Klein is compiling pictures for the website for all to see in case you missed the demolition.

Please remember if you still wish to make a donation to the Casino Project to be matched by the Holts, the deadline is Saturday, Sept. 14. Contact Lanny Whitehouse for further information.

Don’t forget to continue the CLYNK program if possible and if you are placing an order through Amazon please consider choosing the Ocean Point Colony Trust as the charitable organization from Smile Amazon.com. This allows Amazon to donate .5% of your purchase price to our organization. Contact Paul Taylor if you have further questions regarding the program.

Congratulations to Caroline Kern and Marcus Privitt who were recently engaged; they will be married next June here at Ocean Point. Caroline is the daughter of Sue and Dave Kern.

Congratulations to Chris Martin and his fiancé Kristen who will also be married next summer at Ocean Point. Chris is the son of Tim and Peggy Martin and the grandson of Burleigh and Bev Martin who for many years owned what is now the Chambers home.

The Ross/ Martin Reunion took place at the home of Gail and Chris Ross on Saturday, Sept. 6. Gail and Chris host the family event every year and fortunately the weather cooperated when it was time to grill. Those family members in attendance included: Pam and Doug Allen from Yarmouth, Maine and Phillip and Kathy Martin also of Yarmouth, Tim and Peggy Martin of Vermont and Burleigh and Donna Martin, son Jonathan and grandson Ian of Augusta.

Please remember the Food Pantry as you begin to clean out your kitchen cabinets.

Have a great week and remember to send me your news!