News and Notes from The Community Center

Tue, 05/25/2021 - 7:30am

Get ready! We will be open beginning on Wednesday, June 2. Come and bring your friends for social interaction and a cup of coffee or tea. Work a puzzle, play a game. Wear a mask if you wish and keep your distance if you must. We request that you be fully vaccinated and we will be requiring you to sign in for the purpose of tracing those who have been in the facility.

Our year-long period of isolation has been challenging but we will once again become a special gathering place for the community. We look forward to your support and will do our best to provide the services you may need. People Helping People is going strong, the Durable Medical Equipment is available to anyone who needs it, and the 911 Sign initiative continues to make it possible for the first responders to locate those in need of assistance.

We continue to need volunteers and will appreciate your stepping forward. For more information, call 633-6290 and speak to Mary Connelly. We look forward to seeing you.