letter to the editor

Musings with Bo Bo

Tue, 01/14/2020 - 9:00am

Dear Editor:

Today (Jan. 12) at Brady’s brought together a group of people that we really haven’t seen for a long time. That was an observation Corey “Bo Bo” Tibbetts was quick to make at the end of an event in his honor. The “Break A Leg” send off for Bo Bo saw an enormous turn out from every cross section of our amazing community. Corey and I sat at the bar after everyone had left and discussed how happy we both were that people were able to come together and celebrate his upcoming adventure in spite of the chasm that has descended on our small community over the last few years. We get it, because Bo Bo and I have not always seen eye to eye, and several of the people who were instrumental in organizing this great event have also been in different camps. Sunday we threw the stupid stuff out the door.

What was great about Sunday was that people were able to set aside the partisan divides and join together for the better of one of our own. Both Corey and I wish this were the case every day. We are a small community with big challenges that have torn people apart, unnecessarily. We should all be able to get together, not just because there is a cause, but because we are all a community, family, friends, coworkers, activists and neighbors.

So the next time you are walking in town and pass someone you may or may not know, just say “Hi,” “Good Day,” or “How’s it going?” It really doesn’t matter if you know the person, have a difference of opinion, or it’s your mother … we all need to be kinder to one another.

Jen Mitchell

Boothbay Harbor