MSNBC comes to Boothbay Harbor

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 1:45pm

    Brady’s restaurant in Boothbay Harbor was politics central in the region on Sunday and Monday, Jan. 26 and 27 as an MSNBC crew interviewed locals to get their views on how U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, seeking reelection in November, will respond during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. The crew and reporter Chris Jansing did a two-minute live feed from the restaurant Monday morning. Included in that live feed were Rob and Susan Hopkins and Stevie Colburn. The live feed is available at

    On Sunday, several locals expressed their views and the recordings may be used later. Among those interviewed were Dawn Gilbert, Estelle Appel and her daughter Judi White, Laura Honey, Doug Gimbel, Pam O’Connor, Brian Papineau and Brady’s owner Jen Mitchell.

    Gilbert, Appel and White support Collins, saying in a written statement to the Boothbay Register, she is “diligent, does her homework ... and, in our opinion, is probably more knowledgeable on the issue than any other Republican senator. She has done great work for the state of Maine.”

    The Hopkinses said they are Trump supporters and Collins “should get on board.”

    Honey said, “Susan has worked for our state for years and continues to be a fair and honest voice that is representing the entire state, regardless of their political party ... I feel she is loyal to us all.”

    “Witnesses/documents should be voted for,” said Pam O’Connor. She added, Collins has had no town hall for 20-plus years. “When voters go by her office or send emails, she says we are harassing her.”

    Gimbel said, “Yes, I’ve voted consistently for Sen. Collins. If she does not allow witnesses and documents, I will campaign against her. I’m already upset with her support for the tax giveaway for the wealthy and large corporations.

    “Collins is threatening to do the right thing by voting in favor of the Senate impeachment trial to call witnesses and documents, but I have no expectations that she will. If she and the rest of the Republicans are successful in insulating President Trump from justice, what other crimes and abuses of power will he be at liberty to get away with?”

    Mitchell said, “We are fortunate MSNBC chose our small town and came here to talk about Susan Collins and the important issues involving the impeachment. We hope to hold a town hall with Susan Collins here at Brady’s before the November election.”