’Round Town


Wed, 09/15/2021 - 7:00am

Generally, I'm not a morning person, nor am I a late night person. Not sure what you call someone like me? A midday person maybe, among other things! However, on occasion, I do get out early in the day, if something or someone requires me to be available at the crack of dawn, or shortly after dawn has cracked!

I know there are many early birds here in the region. When I venture out for a morning cruise, I have seen how active things are, especially this time of year when many of our summer visitors are having a morning walk or jog. Also, many area workers have an early start on the work day. Some examples I have experienced would include the well before the crack of dawn shipyard workers. Back in the day, Chip Haggett and Neal Jones started their days around 3 to 4 a.m. at Hodgdon Yachts. They would prepare coffee and advance on projects like building the working fireplace on Antonisa. I secretly suspected a game of cribbage but there was never documented confirmation.

Way back in the day, I recall Jimmy McFarland arriving from across the Damariscotta River and South Bristol at the Goudy & Stevens yard in East Boothbay. He saved quite a bit of time by scooting across the river rather than driving. Some of my friends who have been at work on the Ernestina-Morrissey project at Bristol Marine drive all the way from Linconville and Somerville to be at the yard by 6 or 6:30 a.m. That's a long drive to and from every day. Not my cup of tea. Or perhaps not my several cups of coffee!

So, last week I did respond to my phone alarm, reluctantly, and headed over to the Harbor for something. After I did whatever I had to do, I took a little time to wander around our special community, landing at the Fishermen's Memorial across from the Catholic church. It was a splendid Maine day with crisp morning air, which I seldom breath, and sparkling sunshine.

The photo I have included today is the result of said visit. The neat part of this image, for me, was to observe all the activities unfolding along the waterfront.

For all those who have signed up for this tour, may I, as your well-seasoned guide, point out a few items? Lobster boats coming and going from Harbor Bait, just after the arrival of newly acquired bait from Prowler I'd guess. Triton arriving and Steadfast departing. A young fellow in a skiff hauling off blue barrels, some empties and some I suspect with newly dead fish. The harbor master boat parked at dock. Cormorants sunning and drying in the sun on a float next to Gillian.

Casey Ann at rest on mooring. A seagull flying over American Eagle and the Isaac Evans, hopefully without losing digestive material. The Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club with lots of pretty boats. A line of ducks heading for Re Start. And last but not least, “No squid fishing from town dock.”

Please support your waterfront entertainment committee and all the wonderful visual opportunities.