’Round Town


Wed, 06/15/2022 - 7:00am

The recent annual graduation celebrations remind us of the same events we experienced with our own daughters, Megan and Morgan. We recall with fondness the festivities at school and then later at colleges in Baltimore and Vermont when friends and family from near and far (mostly far) came together to support and give thanks for successfully completing educations and, in some cases, life-changing experiences.

Nana and Pop Kiley (our adopted grandparents) were great supporters, never missing a beat, no matter travel and time. They were incredibly dedicated to our family and the well being of our children. Their son, Kevin, also a member of our extended family remains, to this day, a vital and deeply dedicated friend. Unka, as the girls called him, has been with us every step of the way, since our meeting at the “Merry Music Box” and throughout “our” growing up years. Folks like Kevin and Nana and Pop don’t come along every day. We will always be grateful.

Part of what made me recall the graduation years is a recent event our daughter Morgan created at “Wanderwood Farm” in Nobleboro. It was sort of a retrospective in some ways, and a celebration. A gathering to share new and old ideas and to recognize adventures past, present and to come. Morgan has worked quite diligently to develop new approaches to a variety of art forms which she has cultivated for many years.

There were old friends from high school, new friends from recent work in Portland and us. Unfortunately Nana and Pop couldn’t make it this time, but there was little doubt of their presence, influence and enthusiastic support. This gathering of people was enjoyable and low key. It was intended to be a celebration of positivity, hope and new energy. The theme was “Something Hopeful, Something Blue” with much of the artwork a reflection and visual journey of shared images, wearable art and general well being.

There was a lot of pitching in. Friends helped prepare food, transport structures, and provide warm reception. Special thanks to Morgan’s hubby Andrei, Carrie, Lindy, Mary Lou, Mother Susan and a magnificent setting and day. It really was a reminder of graduations. Morgan’s preparations have been legion. She has become quite well known for her hand-painted “Winged Clothing” and organic fiber line of baby “onesies” which can be seen on her website, https://www.morganmitchell.co/ She will again display her work during the upcoming Windjammer Days venue at Whale Park in Boothbay Harbor later this month.

We imagine families of the newly graduated to be pleased with the accomplishments, significant milestones with anticipation of future next steps. Let us all remain supportive and involved in the lives we share and futures forthcoming. We are all graduates in some way. Moving on to the next adventure will require renewed energy and diligence. With the support of family and friends we can all experience our own “Grand March” along the way.