Midcoast Humane announces sweeping revitalization efforts

Brunswick Planning Board gives go ahead on Pleasant Street office building to be sold as consolidation begins
Fri, 08/28/2020 - 8:30am

    Midcoast Humane, celebrating its 70th year as a nonprofit providing animal welfare services to 40 municipalities in the state of Maine, has announced the commencement of a sweeping revitalization effort designed to strengthen the organization and improve the standard of care for the 3,500 animals it serves annually.

    Mary P. Sundeen, president of Midcoast Humane, stated, “In December 2019, we announced the key objectives of expanding services and community partnerships, replacing several aging facilities, and reallocating assets and personnel to enable success and sustainability for decades to come. Today we are pleased to announce that each one of these objectives is being met as we anticipate closing on a new facility in the fourth quarter of this year.”

    Sundeen continued, “On March 14th, 2020 we entered into a purchase and sale agreement for an established property at 5 Industrial Parkway in Brunswick. COVID-19 certainly impacted this process, yet we have no choice but to push forward in this effort as the health and safety standards for our animals and staff will not continue to be met with the limits and condition of our current facilities. The entire team – staff, volunteers and board -- is elated at the prospect of finally having a new home for our animals and a new building in which to house an array of expanded community programs. We hope everyone in midcoast Maine will join us in celebrating this very special 70th anniversary announcement.”

    Midcoast Humane plans to provide frequent public updates on the project which officially kicked off on Tuesday, Aug. 25 when the town of Brunswick Planning Board gave its approval to convert the former MBNA call center facility into an animal shelter.

    To support the purchase of the new building, and in accordance with planned consolidation efforts, the organization will list for sale its administrative office building at 190 Pleasant Street this week. The 30 Range Road facility will remain in use until the new building is fully renovated and approved for occupancy, an expected 9- to 12-month time frame after closing, at which point it too will be sold.

    For further information as it becomes available, and to find out more about supporting this exciting project, please continue to visit the organization’s website at www.midcoasthumane.org or follow on Facebook and Instagram. You may also show your support by texting MHPAWS to 207-255-7556.

    To see dogs, cats, puppies and kittens (and the occasional bunny, bird or guinea pig) available for adoption, please visit www.midcoasthumane.org or call 207-449-1366.