Memorial Day 2019 observances

Wed, 05/22/2019 - 8:30am

Memorial Day, Monday May 27, is fast approaching. Once again, the peninsula’s five parades are being organized by the Boothbay American Legion, Post 36.

As in the past, the parades kick off in Newagen with the “march off” at 8:30 a.m. and the Memorial Day commentary given by Pastor Richard Rego at the Southport Library.

The next “march off” is at 9 a.m. at the Southport Memorial across from the Southport General Store, Gerald Gamage will be presiding.

This is followed by the “march off” at 9:45 in the area of the Boothbay Harbor Town Office and the commentary by the Dr. Rev. Sarah Foulger in front of the library flag pole next to the used book store.

The parade proceeds from there to the Whale Park with the commentary by Deacon Bob Curtis and Wreath Spray into the harbor.

The parade participants then proceed to the Boothbay Common and a short parade starting at about 10:30 to the memorial and commentary by Al Roberts.

The last parade commences in the area of the East Boothbay General Store with the “march off” at 11 a.m. and the commentary at the memorial by the Rev. Maria Hoecker on Route 96 next to the bridge by the post office.

A parade isn’t a parade without our High School and Community Band. The U.S. Marines from the Marine Reserve unit in Brunswick will be providing the firing squad with our USCG station sailors providing the Color Guard. Participating in the parade this year will be members of our areas Girl Scouts and Scouts.

All veterans are invited to join the parade, with the veteran detachment once again being led by USMC Barry Sherman. Please join us in honor of our brothers and sisters. For those unable to march, the trolley, once again, will be participating.

There will be a breakfast for the Marine Firing Squad, the USCG Color Guard,, and their guests at the Legion Hall in the Industrial Park at 7:30.

The veterans will be marching rain or shine. The band and other participants will make their decision to participate independently.

In addition to participation in the formal services, the Legion (through its volunteers) has taken the responsibility for decorating all known veterans’ graves with flags. Unfortunately, some graves may be missed because of moved or missing markers. Those aware of any graves that need decorating should contact Legionnaire Jeff Keyes at the Legion Hall, 633-4487.

Parade times

0730: USMC and USCG assemble at Post Hall for breakfast

0825: Parade assemble at Newagen, march off promptly at 0830

0900: West Southport - Parade “march off”

0945: Boothbay Harbor – Parade “march off” and follow-on to Whale Park

1030: Boothbay Common – Parade “march off”

1100: East Boothbay – Parade “march off”

All individuals and businesses are encouraged to fly their flags for the Memorial Day Weekend. Remember, the flags are to be at half-mast until noon on Monday.