letter to the editor

Maine citizens should support BIW workers

Mon, 08/03/2020 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

Bath Iron Works (BIW) which is owned by General Dynamics in Bath, Maine has an ongoing Machinist Union strike. General Dynamics is a very wealthy organization.

Thus far no agreement has been reached while the strike enters its sixth week.

The COVID-19 problem creates one dilemma. General Dynamics not wanting to fairly resolve this strike creates a greater problem for the employees at Bath Iron Works.

General Dynamics has received many lucrative tax breaks over the years in Maine as well as in other states.

You might recall, in 2018 General Dynamics received a $45 million dollar tax break. This is money that Maine citizens would need to compensate for through their tax dollars. General Dynamics stocks in 2018 were very high.

In addition, the ships that Bath Iron Works builds are paid for through our federal tax dollars.

Maine citizens need to understand they are paying General Dynamics twice!

Bath Iron Works has already brought in non-union workers during this strike which I feel should not be permitted.

I also question if the workers union is being as supportive as they could be.

I urge Maine citizens to express support for Bath Iron Works employees to get a better wage and working conditions.

Joseph Ciarrocca