‘Love Lies Bleeding’ concert in Waldoboro Sept. 13

Andrea Goodman of Barters Island a featured performer
Wed, 09/11/2019 - 2:00pm

Story Location:
1055 Dutch Neck Road
Waldoboro  Maine  04572
United States

Performing artists Susan Osberg and Music of A New Frequency — Anna Dembska, and Andrea Goodman — have created work professionally for decades at the forefront of experimental music and dance in New York City and now all live in Maine. Last year they performed to a full house with “Ocean of Being” at St. Paul’s Chapel, recently restored and known for its acoustics. 

This year they will show a first performance of “Love Lies Bleeding,” exploring themes of love, mortality, and renewal threaded through an Inuit folk tale, Taoist philosophy, cosmic winds, and a plant called love-lies-bleeding on Friday, Sept. 13 at 6 p.m.

Osberg is director of Workwith Dancers Company in New York and has performed internationally. Her meditative and spiritual studies with masters of all cultures have enhanced her living practice in the dance of life. Also a writer and filmmaker, her current film projects are “Remembering Pina” and “Mining the Moon.” Her writing “Dancing the Talk” is included in newly released “Body as Language: An Anthology.” She lives in Waldoboro and Beacon, New York.

Vocal innovators Dembska and Goodman have performed in Maine together since 2012 as Music of a New Frequency, creating spontaneous songs, improvisational journeys, and vibrational transmissions. These groundbreaking sonic explorers have combined their voices and original compositions in concert since their 1986 collaboration “It's Gonna Be at La Mama”  Experimental Theater Club in New York City.

Goodman, of Ruby Throated Spirit, Barters Island is well-known in the area as a musican, astrologer, voice coach/instructor, author, tarot reader, author, and composer. Since 1994 Andrea has collaborated and performed with The Figures of Speech Theatre and has toured for 15 years with the Meredith Monk ensemble.

 Dembska is a choral conductor, composer, voice teacher and author. Dembska has taught voice, musicianship, and performance technique for over 25 years, including at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Experimental Theater Wing, the Metropolitan Opera Guild's In-School Program and National Teacher Training, and Brooklyn College Conservatory Prep. Division.

St. Paul’s Chapel is at 1055 Dutch Neck Road in Waldoboro. Tickets $10 at the door. For more information, contact: Susan Osberg 207-832-7573