‘Local hero’ frees beached boat

Posted:  Monday, December 11, 2017 - 3:00pm

On Dec. 5, local lobsterman Dave Reingardt’s boat Head Tide was found aground at the northernmost point of Mill Cove across the road from The Village at Mill Cove Landing.

The boat parted with the dock it was tied to due to the speed of winds. Lobsterman Craig Sproul was watching efforts from a bank on the shore and said he had seen his share of boats come off moorings or docks, but he had never seen a boat of Head Tide’s size be carried as far into the cove as it was.

Lobstermen Douglas Carter and Bill Hallinan were among the helpers trying to free Head Tide from the shore. A long line was tied from the boat to a dock about 50 fathoms away while two shorter lines were tied to a tree on one side and a boulder on the other. As the boat began lifting with the tide, Hallinan took the line from the tree and a man whose name was unavailable took the line from the boulder and both men tried pulling from the shore as Reingardt and another man, whose name was also unavailable, pulled from the boat.

The boat gave very little as it was still somewhat aground chafing on ledge below it. When it became evident the boat would need more leverage, Carter announced, “I’m going to go get my boat. We’ll try it that way.”

As Carter was away fetching his lobster boat, Sproul egged on the efforts to free the boat by hand. He wanted to see them free the boat before he had to leave for an engagement.

By the time Carter came around with his boat, Rebecca, the tide had come in further making it safer for both boats. In about 20 minutes, the boat gave little by little and Head Tide was free, back into deeper water.

As the Rebecca continued pulling Head Tide out further into Mill Cove, Reingardt shouted, “Hey, newspaper guy! Don’t forget to put this: ‘Douglas Carter, local hero.’”