letter to the editor

Listen to everyone

Posted:  Monday, January 21, 2019 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

The Planning Board has now sent its recommendations to the Select Board regarding the future development of the east side of the harbor. Many people spoke about the need (including a letter with 65 signatures from Boothbay Harbor business owners) for development on the east side. No one spoke with any strong opposition to it, which was interesting after 14 months of what seemed to be a dividing subject for many in town.

While I can appreciate all the time the Planning Board has put into this, it seemed as though their minds were already made up before the public hearing. I personally believe that if the Select Board votes to send out the 75-foot setback, 20-foot view corridors, 20 percent lot coverage and other restrictions to the public, it will make the east side non-developable for everyone. I don’t understand how other towns have 15- or 25-foot setbacks from the water that must have been approved by the DEP, but we are told the DEP wouldn’t approve it for us.

If the public has a say in the process, I hope the Select Board will listen to everyone and not only one group opposed to development. My hope is that they will listen to everyone, including all the people who took the time to speak about the need for new tax revenue, jobs and investments in our school.

Julie Roberts

Boothbay Harbor business owner