letter to the editor

Lineage learned from Out Of Our Past

Fri, 05/21/2021 - 2:00pm

Dear Editor:

I was so pleased to see the article on page 6 about William Fullerton’s homestead.

My husband’s great-grandfather was William Fullerton Stinson (1792-1821), whose mother, Mary (1759-1803) was the daughter of William Fullerton of Boothbay and wife of William Stinson (1756-1833). The article was about another line of my husband’s ancestry.

I was surprised to learn they came over from Ireland about the same time the Stinsons on the ship, MacCullvan, in 1718. And James and wife, Jane, and six children settled in Brunswick near Fort George (now Fort Andross). They moved to Arrowsic about 1727.

I know William (1756-1833) and wife, Mary, bought the land we live on in 1786. Mary died at age 44 and their four small children were brought up by her sister, Jeannette Fullerton Gilmore (wife of David Gilmore Jr).

The article tells me of the hardships of the early-mid 1700s and what our ancestors faced. I’m thankful to have read it.

Mrs. Priscilla Stinson