LincolnHealth responds To COVID-19 by making staffing adjustments

Sat, 03/21/2020 - 7:45pm

    In order to strengthen its response to COVID-19 (coronavirus) while continuing to provide care for patients with other health needs, LincolnHealth is making some proactive temporary staffing adjustments.

    On Thursday, team members at the St. Andrews Urgent Care Center will begin caring for patients on the Miles Campus in Damariscotta and services at the Center will be temporarily suspended. In order to strengthen access to care in Boothbay Region, the Family Care Center (FCC) will expand its hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. Those who need care do not need to be a current patient of the FCC to receive services, but should call the Center first at 633-7820.

    Physical and occupational therapy and laboratory services not related to COVID-19 will remain available on the St. Andrews campus.

    “It is clear from what we have seen around the country, that COVID-19 has a significant impact on healthcare resources,’’ said Timothy Fox, M.D., LincolnHealth’s Chief Medical Officer. “Preparing now by adjusting resources to be ready for a large influx of patients is essential. This decision will allow us to establish a centralized location for staff and critical supplies, making care delivery more efficient.”

    “This decision will not alter the current coronavirus screening process,” said LincolnHealth President James Donovan. “Anyone who is directed by a physician to be screened for coronavirus has been sent to the Lincoln Medical Partners COVID-19 clinic located on the Miles campus,’’ he said. “We established this clinic last week to centralize testing at a site that is not in the hospital.”

    “We appreciate that this change may create a short-term challenge for our patients in and visitors to the Boothbay Region,’’ Donovan said. “We look forward to a time when we can return the Urgent Care Center to regular operations.”