Lighthouse Sunrise Photography Cruise draws over 30 participants

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 1:15pm

The Boothbay Harbor Sunrise Lighthouse Photography cruise was a success for the more than 30 attendees who boarded the Balmy Days a little before 6 a.m. on Saturday Sept. 14 for the two-hour cruise to see all of the local lighthouses in the region. Most Maine lighthouses face east and to get the morning light bathing the lights was a real treat for the folks aboard. Captain Bill Campbell expertly positioned his vessel to the optimum view angles for the photographers to comfortably make their best shots of the area lights under the best lighting conditions. Some people aboard were lighthouse enthusiasts and were excited to be able to view some lighthouses from the ocean to cross off of their personal lighthouse bucket list.

The light at daybreak made for some beautiful scenes to see in the inner harbor as we headed out to the first lighthouse – Burnt Island. The rising sun over the horizon cast a golden glow upon Burnt Island light. Ram Island was next and the ability to get a shot of the Cuckolds light seen under the cat walk of Ram Island was a shot only achievable by boat.   

At one point the sea conditions were some of the roughest we have had and that thankfully only lasted less than 10 minutes but seemed longer. Surf splashed some of the folks on the upper deck of the Balmy Days cruise vessel and then there was this one memorable rogue wave that slid us into our neighbors on the benches aboard – quickly making new friends! Once we rounded Southport Island the sea conditions were much calmer. 

The light on the Cuckolds did not disappoint and the crashing waves on the rocks added to the scenery. Hendricks Head Light was next on the tour on the west side of Southport Island. That lighthouse with the bell tower is always best seen from the water.

The trip ended passing by an ornamental lighthouse that is on the land of a private residence on the west side of the Boothbay Harbor. 

Following the photography cruise, many folks opted to go out to Burnt Island to take part in the Maine Open Lighthouse Day activities that were being held there.

Already plans have been spoken to do this photography cruise again on Maine Open Lighthouse Day in 2020.