letter to the editor

Letter to God

Posted:  Monday, January 14, 2019 - 4:30pm

Dear Editor:

If I had the opportunity to write a letter to God, this is what I would say:

Dear God,

Thank you. You have given me an incredible family, life, and soul. I continue to be surprised and amazed with the way you have shaped mankind. I have felt you beside me through happy, sad, upsetting, and incredible times.

Most people, when they are asked what they are thankful for on Thanksgiving Day, say, “Family, friends, and a lovely meal.” I have said this before as well, but what I am also thankful for is you, God. I would like to think that without you I wouldn’t have my family, friends, and me essentially. Some people think in order to be religious you have to go to church, pray every night, etc. But when you look up synonyms of “religious” it doesn’t just give “godly,” it gives you: faithful, devoted, and committed. God is conceived as supreme, yet I think of God as a friend. No matter the country you live in, the race or sex you are, no one can stop you from believing in what you believe, whether that be happiness, acceptance, forgiveness, or God because God can speak through anything. Through your parents, friends, the sport you play, the music you listen to … God is there when someone else might not be.

So I thank you, God, for being committed to me, believing in me, shaping me, loving me, providing me with loving family and friends, a hard working basketball team, an ocean for me to skipper on, lobster for me to chew on and more. People may read this and relate, judge, hate, or love, but I know at least you, God, will understand.

Glory Blethen