Kane named ‘Deputy of the Year’ for 2021

Wed, 07/06/2022 - 11:45am

    Boothbay resident Lt. Brendan Kane is the 2021 Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department “Deputy of the Year.” Sheriff Todd Brackett made the announcement July 5 at the Lincoln County commissioners’ meeting. Brackett remarked such presentations are typically made during an end of year banquet. “It was a tough year due to COVID,” he said.

    Another challenge facing the sheriff’s department was being short 10 patrolmen for much of the year. Kane was responsible for ensuring the department had patrolmen on duty. “I can’t say enough about him. Deputy Kane held the division together during a crazy and confusing time,” Brackett said. “He did an outstanding job with a great deal of personal sacrifice. He really made a difference for Lincoln County.” 

    While the award wasn’t a surprise for Kane, two unanticipated ceremony visitors were. His children, Riley and Griffin, congratulated him on the honor. 

    In other action, patrol scheduling around Lincoln County should be easier in 2022, as the sheriff’s department only has one vacancy. Commissioners conditionally hired Jordan Jandreau who has served five years with Rockland Police Department. Brackett told commissioners Jandreau is the second experienced officer the sheriff’s department hired this year. Brackett credits the new incentive program and recent changes in compensation and benefit packages in attracting veteran officers. “We are very excited that Jordan has joined us. He is a fully trained officer and ready to hit the road,” he said. 

    Commissioners approved a purchase order for the communications center’s annual recorder contract. Director Tara Doe reported the subscription enables recording center phone calls and radio transmissions. Commissioners approved a $3,250 payment to Radio Communications Management of Portland.  Doe also announced the center has hired one new dispatcher and has a strong lead on another. “We have a new person with an effective start date of Aug. 1. Another viable candidate is already certified and  currently lives out-of-state,” she said.

    Commissioners approved two purchase authorizations for the county emergency management agency. Five body armor suits were approved for the rescue task force. The team has 25 members, and agency officials expect five more members to join this fall. The five body armor suits cost $9,968.86. Assistant Director Maury Prentiss explained the task force responds during active shooter situations. “Law enforcement would handle the shooter and the team would attend to victims,” he said. “Once we receive the new body armor we can begin training sessions this fall.”

    Commissioners approved $22,722.80 for shelter operation equipment. Prentiss reported the purchase order was for enough equipment for a 25-person shelter. He describe the equipment as consisting of cots, pillows and blankets. The shelter would also have a nursing section and a place for infants. He reported Homeland Security Grants would pay for both purchase orders. 

    County Administrator Carrie Kipfer reported negotiations with the state about leasing space in the old county jail had stalled. The state had leased space in past years, but wanted to seek a new agreement versus an extension. And Kipfer reported the state wanted to upgrade the space’s ventilation system to comply with COVID-19 regulations. “This would require replacing all the duct work in a building built in 1985. I told them ‘I didn’t think it made sense for the amount paid by the state to make the changes.’ I haven't heard back, yet,” she said. 

    Commissioners approved an $11,497.47 payment to Info Quick Solutions of Liverpool, New York  for converting county deed records from 1915 to 1938 into a digital format. Kipfer reported IQS converted about 50,000 digital images. 

    Commissioners meet next at 9 a.m. Tuesday, July 19 in the courthouse.